A portrait of the Hoeckle-Group

In 1928, 26 year old engineer Eberhard Hoeckle realised that the repair of propulsion engines is inevitable after a certain running time. He saw the chance and founded a company which adressed to this task with enthusiasm and commitment.

Up to the year 1945 the medium-sized enterprise was above average growth. After the war and destruction the company dared the new start in Moessingen. The task was and remains still the same: The service and repair of combustion engines for passenger cars, trucks, construction machines, ships, cranes and of all other wheelers and machines which are powered with petrol or diesel engines.



In the 60's HOECKLE started the serial production of crank gears which are used in automobiles, aircraft and construction machines as well as in chainsaws and boats. The crank gears are also used in the air and refrigeration technology and anywhere, where with hydraulics and high pressure one works.

Today HOECKLE is active with its crank gears in almost all automobile works around the world within the ranges development, testing and pilot lots up to transfer line test parts.

The production of documentation required brakes for the automotive industry is a further production field.

In 2000 a completely new production plant for the serial production of crank gears was opened in Langenegg/ Austria. Main customer is the automobile industry. This plant produces 4-, 5-, 6-, and 12-cylinder crank shafts as well as the pertinent connecting rods and is equipped with the most modern production technology for middle size series.

Since the requirements to crank gears are increasing by the constant increase in output of the aggregates, new solutions to reach the maximum capacity with the same construction had to be looked for.



The hardening of components is a way to achieve the goal. Therefore, in 1994 one of the largest hardening companies in South Germany was acquired. In this company, all usual heat treatment procedures as carburing, case-harden, gas-nitrate, plasma-nitrate and induction hardening are done eco friendly for captive and wagework. Also the work in Langenegg/ Austria possesses of an own hardening department.

A further division is the wholesale with automobile parts. HOECKLE represents well-known manufacturers within Germany.