THE HOECKLE GROUP: drive is our passion …

0 - 100 km/h in 4 ms!


The Hoeckle success-story started in Mössingen. Back in 1928, as a courageous, fresh-faced 26 year-old engineer, Eberhard Hoeckle realized the importance of reconditioning drive motors. He founded not only the Hoeckle Company, but he also put with it the cornerstones of the Hoeckle Group’s core competences of today.


Hoeckle Mössingen (D)
Eberhard Hoeckle GmbH
Karl Jaggy Str. 44
D - 72116 Mössingen

Hoeckle Langenegg (A)
Hoeckle GmbH
Gfäll 170
A- 6941 Langenegg

Hoeckle Klasov (SK)
Hoeckle s.r.o.
Priemyselnà ulica 462
SK-95153 Klasov

    drive is our passion