THE HOECKLE GROUP: uncompromising, worldwide…

One and a half times round the world with a main bearing!*

Quality, reliability and flexibility are the hallmarks of the Hoeckle Group’s corporate philosophy.

The directors see it as a key duty to convey these values and to keep them alive among the approx. 600 employees in total. The Hoeckle Group comprises, besides the plants in Mössingen (D), Langenegg (A) and Vrable (SK), also the Händle Härterei GmbH & Co. KG in Tübingen-Hirschau (D). Only those flexible enough today to recognise new opportunities in the rapidly evolving markets and to implement them with the highest degree of reliability and quality, will maintain their position in the market tomorrow. Hoeckle, a medium-sized group of companies, will continue to enhance these strengths in order to proactively fulfil its chances.

    drive is our passion